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Making Compliance Solutions Easy and Affordable

Built on modern technology platforms, our solution reduces the number of human-error prone manual activities from sanction screening, anti-money laundering and counter terrorism financing processes to improve efficiency and accuracy of reporting obligations for designated and non-designated businesses.  

Intelligent design,  
compliant out of the box,
without the legacy. 


User-Friendly Design

Our sleek interface presents Sanctions & AML/CTF compliance processes in an intuitive and efficient way to the user.  By providing insights and contextual data to the user through each step of the process, we successfully remove unnecessary and slow navigation through modules and features akin to legacy platforms.   

Action & Report

Manage cases and record, track and audit actions taken to apply your business policies for compliance.  Including automated reporting to AUSTRAC for Suspicious Matter Reporting (SMR), Threshold Transaction Reporting (TTR) and International Funds Transfer Instructions (IFTI).   

Sanctions & AML/CTF Compliant

Our platform is Sanctions & AML/CTF compliant straight out of the box ready for designated and non-designated businesses.   Included are all the sanction screening rules and AML scenarios expected for banking, insurance & merchant clients, and the ability to configure rules and scenarios to meet specific client needs. 

Advanced Tech

Our platform is built on the latest Microsoft Azzure services leveraging the most advanced search algorithms and capabilites.  Our 'service led' architecture future proofs platform developement and enables easy integration with AI and robotics capabilities.  

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Functionality You Will Love


Increase Reporting Accuracy

Increase the accuracy of reporting to AUSTRAC and avoid the significant financial penalties and potential  reputational damage associated with failing to meet compliance obligations.  Significantly reduce human-error prone manual processing.  


Returns Business Value

Why invest in building your own compliance technology when experts have done it for you? Avoid major investment in compliance tech with our compliant 'out of the box' platform and invest where it return business value.    


Improve Efficiency

With bulk screening, efficient workflow and reporting automation, significantly reduce the number of staff process data to meet your Sanctions & AML/CTF obligations.  Reduce the cost of compliance in your organisation and improve performance.  


Exceptional Value

In the past, compliance technology has required complex configuration and a lengthy and costly project-style implementation costing millions.  Our platform is ready to go on deployment and can be easily configured for screening rules and scenarios, making our platform affordable for all. 


Be in the know.  INGENII-FIN INTEL
has you covered

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