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Our Mission: Make our society a safer place.

We believe that financial crimes compliance is more than an obligation, it's an important social responsibility. 

Preventing money laundering or terrorism finance, and other financial crimes makes it harder for those to access funds to do harm, and for those that do harm to profit from their activities.  

At INGENII-FIN, we make it our mission to provide  organisations with access to the technological capabilities to perform compliance and financial crimes controls efficiently and effectively.

INGENII-FIN's principal founder is a true industry expert in Financial Crimes and AML/CTF compliance who has been responsible for establishing frameworks and compliance operations and implementing technology solution in many of Australia's banks and insurance companies.


In that capacity, our principal has seen the problems faced by Australia organisations and the opportunities for better solutions to serve the market.  INGENII-FIN was founded to disrupt the market by delivering capabilities and innovation more cost effectively that is often cost prohibitive outside the top end of town.      

Australian Founded & Owned

Product Launch

INGENII-FIN is excited to bring our product
INGENII-FIN Seer to market 

INGENII-FIN is proud to be in the final stages of launching our product to market after 3 years of investment and development.   Built on world class Microsoft services, INGENII-FIN Seer provides capablities and innovation that help designated and non-designated organistions meet their compliance needs.  

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